We offer both regular as well correspondence courses.

This is an activity based diploma course in which trainees learn how to teach primary and junior school classes (Nursery to class 5) using all the interactive methods and modern techniques of teaching.


Interview training
Personality development, articulation (speech, diction & pronunciation), polishing and confidence building program
Counseling and guidance by our in-house counselor on professional as well as personal matters
The Art and Craft Workshop by Pidilite Co. (makers of Fevicol) also makes the trainees adept at making handicrafts – an essential facet that all schools look for in teachers today.
Recent trends in teaching curriculum – Teaching kids with care, co-operation & recreation. Learning these will further enhance the employability of the trainees.
Train pupil-teachers to make educational aids for teaching kids at lowest possible prices
Even if a lady does not wish to get into the profession of teaching, at least the course will train her to be an ideal mother
We concentrate deeply on the practical part of the training programme. Our course is distinguished by its real-life practice teaching facility which no other Nursery Teachers Training Institute can boast of. Trainees at the home branch in Kanpur are given the opportunity to teach students of Dr. S. Sen Memorial Shishu Mandir School (Play group to class 5) under the guidance of experienced teachers so as to give them first-hand experience of teaching and managing a real class full of children. This practice will also be replicated in our new branches at a reputed school as this is an extremely important exercise.

This exercise is very important in today’s times because all schools put teachers on trial for a couple of months to see how they are able to manage a class before giving them the job finally. These practice teaching sessions in real classrooms immensely help our trainees then to bag the job by excelling over their competitors who haven’t benefited from such a real-life practice teaching experience. It is because of the effectiveness of our teaching methodology and depth of our course curriculum that our students, year after year, have been finding placement at various prestigious schools all over India.

We have pledged to provide a platform to women aspiring to become teachers to hone their skills at minimal prices so that they can find employment in the field of education and lead empowered lives. We make sincere efforts to develop multiple skill-sets in the trainees so that they can help in all-round development of the children and be assets to our society and country.

All the branches of S. Sen Nursery Teachers Training Institute are managed by Mrs. Dipasree Sen. Under her dynamic leadership and supervision, the institute has been able to scale newer heights of success and pioneer into hitherto unchartered territories. She herself has an experience of 30 years in the field of teaching. She is a member of the esteemed Sen Family which is running the following institutions in Kanpur (Uttar Pradesh) and actively contributing to the field of education for over 100 years now –

(1) Dr. S. Sen Memorial Shishu Mandir (Play-group to class 5, Co-educational),

(2) S. N. Sen Balika Vidyalaya Inter College (class 6 to class 12 for girls only)
(3) S. N. Sen Balika Vidyalaya Degree College (Graduation and Post-graduation in Arts and Science stream)   http://snsenbvpgcollege.org

Today, the 3 institutions mentioned above have turned into a massive temple of learning -granting education from Play Group to Post Graduation to about 6,000 girls annually. It is fulfilling the dreams of thousands of women to attain higher education in the field of Arts and Science. This school and college have produced many girls who have been outstanding achievers in their respective fields.


The year was 1898 – a lean built man all of 5 feet 5 inches dared to do something which was unheard of in the orthodox British-ruled India of that time. Most fundamental rights were denied to Indians and more so to the women. Atrocities like Sati rites, child marriage, dowry, and ban on widow remarriage were prevalent. Due to the Pardah system, most women were forced to stay within the four walls of their homes. Education was denied to them. In fact, educated women were considered a threat to the society. Most girls were married off before they reached their teens so the question of sending them to school never ever arose.

But in spite of all these odds, Late Dr. Surendra Nath Sen had a promise to keep. A promise made to his dying mother to champion the cause of women’s empowerment through education. 
Being a person of very high social standing, (the only qualified doctor from the renowned Calcutta Medical College in and around Kanpur in those times), he could break into the circles of influence to spread his new revolutionary ideas but to change the beliefs of masses (mostly uneducated in those days) was really the more unachievable task. He personally went to each and every house of the city of Kanpur (then known as ‘Cawnpore’ or the ‘Manchester of India’ because of the large number of cotton mills) to request people to send their daughters to this school set up by him in the safety and homeliness of his own courtyard .

With the enrolments shooting up, in 1914 the school was shifted from his courtyard to a field across the road from his house as a proper Anglo-vernacular middle school for girls. In the year 1922, a massive building began to come up on that field which was formally opened by His Excellency Sir W. Sinclair Marris, Governor of U.P. & Oudh, on the 9th of March, 1925.

Post independence, when the country was collectively looking to build up a new ambitious India, women too were looking ahead of just secondary education into higher education. Thus, S.N. Sen Degree College was founded in 1953 by Dr. Siddheswar Sen, son of visionary Dr. Surendra Nath Sen. The College got affiliated to the Agra University in 1957. The post graduation classes began in the same college from 1985.

Towards the late 1970s, when higher education for women was not just about becoming a more eligible and sought after bride but a means to leading a financially independent life, there arose a need for not only higher education but career-oriented education or vocational courses that would ensure a job. This was the time when Mr. Samir Kumar Sen, grandson of visionary Dr. S.N. Sen, founded this Nursery Teachers Training Institute in memory of his late father Dr. Siddheswar Sen, in association with Late Mr. R.A. Gupta. This training institute marked the beginning of widening of our focus from only academic learning institutions to academic-cum-vocational learning institutions.

After over a 100 years of contribution to the field of education and emancipation of women, we now wish to take our efforts to every corner of India to fulfill the promise made by visionary Late Dr. Surendra Nath Sen to his mother.

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